Private Events Catering

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Mackay’s Private Events Catering Services

Whether you’re organising a private party at home or a large event at a venue, Mackay’s Catering service can help to plan a suitable menu for your event from scratch. We have experience in private events catering for all sizes of parties and number of people. We also have a burger van and hog roast equipment, capable of providing catering for up to several hundred people.

Local Produce from Scottish Highlands

We use meat sourced from our family butchers and farm for our catering services, as we are an offspring of Dornoch Farm Butchers family business. Dornoch Farm Butchers family business goes back as much as 20 years. It prides itself on quality of their products and produces its own beef, lamb and poultry. Seasonal products, such as Christmas turkeys are very popular amongst locals and those visiting Scottish Highlands. You can find more information on Dornoch farm butchers Facebook page.


Special Dietary Requirements

If you have special dietary requirements, let us know in advance. We will provide special menu offers for vegetarians, vegans and people having common food allergies. It important that you inform us about any people who will participate in the event we are catering for and have  any food allergies or special requirements.

Book now and everything will be catered for!